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topic posted Wed, January 11, 2006 - 5:58 PM by  Kat
Some people seem destined to have a silver spoon in their mouths all their life without ever even trying. Others struggle for every crumb. Its like there's two flows of energy, one positive, one negative, and some people are caught helplessly in the wrong stream with no knowledge how to get out.

I've been thinking about this (and other things) a lot recently, and I have a few questions I hope some will answer, to try and help me out.

Has anyone tried a prosperity spell? If so were the effects temporary, long term, or even contrary to what you hoped to acheive? (Temporary or long term only if it wasnt a built in request to the spell for a time limit--I'm talking open ended spells here.)

Has anyone noticed a difference in their prosperity (for better or for worse) when dealing with certain dieties or saints or whatever your flavor of higher power?

How about a change in thought processes? I stuck this at the end because the above often lead to this question, often withou the person in question realizing it. So think about this one--do you think of money and prosperity (overall propserity, including happy homes, family and love life, and all that good stuff) differently than you used to? If so, HOW so?

Anything I missed?

Thanks guys, it would really help.
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    Thu, January 12, 2006 - 5:42 AM
    Hi Kat,

    As for "Have I ever tried a Prosperity Spell?" I just posted the spell I performed! (see the Prosperity Spell thread) I actually did a full ritual, and as I invoked each element and the God and Goddess I placed the appropriate symbol on my altar and lit a candle at each cardinal point.

    The resulting changes in my life have been absolutely amazing! The spell was open ended, with no set time limit, and seems to continue and actually grow stronger with each passing day. I've published a book, gotten a better job, made lots of new friends, found a wonderful woman who has children and is also successful (but that may have been part of a different spell), and generally am much, MUCH happier than I was previously.

    Change in thought process? Yeah, that probably had something to do with it. When you are expecting prosperity in your life, suddenly your goals are set much higher. You stop setteling for less and start expecting more out of life, and if it doesn't happen, you go out and make it happen, because you are expecting it to happen.

    I don't see prosperity as truck loads of money. That's not what it takes to make me happy. I have the love of a wonderful woman and her family, and a bit of security in my financial affairs, but I'm not rolling in a bed of hundred dollar bills (yet). I'm meeting lots of fantastic new people, and generally getting so much more satisfaction out of life than I used to.

    Does that answer your question?
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    Thu, January 12, 2006 - 8:24 AM
    Hi Kat,

    yes, a couple of month back when I joined this Tribe there was a discussion going on in reference to your last paragraph/questions, you might want to peruse back to that.

    My ideas about this is- first figure on what YOU want- just to not have to eat ramen noodles anymore? or to build towards comfort in your later years? etc.

    Then, figure if you want to change your feelings about it, or rather, maybe change your tactics. Like the old adage to just work hard and save doesn't really seem to work in America anymore. And then there is that alot of people want to just do their Art and be compensated for it -that does not seem to work for everyone and it seems to work in spurts when it does. We talked about that Rich Dad/Poor Dad book a while back too.

    And then there are your ethics/values. If you think the economy would be better off if more organic food was sold, you might want to put your energy into that, even though the cash pay-off might not be big.

    Another thing to try: look at your own habits and prioritize. How do you spend the money that you have? Are you constantly replacing something because you buy the cheap/corporate version? Could you save more on your bills by being more conservative with water/electricity? Are you spending alot on getting better after being sick rather then eating and living heathily? Could you grow some herbs and veggies yourself (you'd be surprised at the many places & ways gardens can be grown- if your not already familiar with such)? etc...

    Then figure on spells, dieties, altars, charms that work for what you are going for.

    I am not rich, but I don't have to eat ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches all the time anymore. The spells I have done were for, an ideal job, help me get a specific hard-to-find (but not expensive) car, a home that I can afford but can be happy in...

    And I don't know you or what your values are, so I am using my own as an example. I am just pointing out that there is a lot of mundane analysis and soul searching that can be done preliminarily before you call on the Divine/Spirit. Also, there may be a non-profit that can help too with advice, budgeting, consultation, debt reduction, etc.

    Prosperity be with you,


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      Thu, January 12, 2006 - 8:33 AM
      Or, AS you call on the Divine, do a spell so on.

      Didn't mean to imply you had to like, wait a year or something before taking magical action...

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        Thu, January 12, 2006 - 8:23 PM

        While I did make mention to myself in this, its really more an intellectual question I was posting. I keep wondering what makes the difference, why some of the meanest, most pessamistic SOBs are the wealthiest, while good people go wanting. And whn talking wealth, I'm talking more than just money by the bucketfull. I've just been pondering, is all.
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          Fri, January 13, 2006 - 7:10 AM

          my short answer to this is becuase often mean unethical people get hired by big scheming corporations and by the accounting firms that serve them. And money attracts lovers, friends, etc.

          I cannot remember which one, it was a big one, but the accounting firm that served enron was most likely not wanting to hire bright, critical thinking, ethical accountants (which accounting is um, like a lot about those things). They wanted people who would shred documents without questioning why, how old they were, was it appropriate...

          There are lots of other factors that I see too, like how atheletes get paid an ass more then teachers, how our welfare system and politicians want to lump all the poor either as wasteful users or hard-workers that just need a hand-out to get them by but cannot address individuals and cut off the users and empower the hard-working -like how the poor are conditioned to be poor and how some would rather spend what little they have to go into debt on a monstrous TV (and often the working-middle-slightly upper classes too, keeping up with the Jones's thing)... lots of things like that...

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            Fri, February 10, 2006 - 6:05 PM
            I've been using a technique for prosperity that isn't quite a spell, but is similar. It's an altar. I've made a prosperity altar using the ancient Indian science to 'space creation'. Actually, it's called 'vastu shastra' and it outdates Feng Shui, although similar.

            I've been reading a great book on this...actually two. One is focused on altars and one is more comprehensive, though altars are discussed as well. Here you can find them both if you're interested:

            Here's a small excerpt from The Way of Vastu:

            "We want to attain the lifestyle we've longed for. To achieve this, to create true prosperity, we must connect to the Source of All That Is. This is different from simply reaping sucess in a worldly sense -- we've all seen weatlhy, powerful people whose lives are devoid of personal and spiritual satisfaction. Such people may possess the trappings of what our culture calls success, but if they have not developed a relationship with the part of themselves that bestows prosperity in its truest sense, they experience deep inner poverty. We can attain a life of profound abundance by nurturing our partnership with the dynamic energy of the universe. This powerful energy fully supports us whenever we align ourselves with our true purpose and with the Eternal Presence that pemeates our lives: The Source of All.

            The Way of Vastu is rooted in the teachings of the Vedas. Vastu gives you the ability to create all you desire by aligning yourself with the forces of nature, according to the wisdom of sages, in order to gain her support. Aligned with nature in this way, you reduce stress in your environment and in your body. You naturally begin to feel much more contented. Your life comes into perfect balance. When you are contented and in balance, quite effortlessly you begin to experience the source of all prosperity and fulfillment."

            --- I really love the book. It's full of great knowledge about environment AND mind power/gratitude. The altars are beautiful. I've created a prosperity/abundance altar...which is draped in beautiful green fabric, has Ganesha for 'removing obstacles', jade for abundance, etc. The book also gives yantras, mantras and activation ceremonies for the altar.

            The vedas aren't exactly 'pagan', more hindu :)

            But, it's all about nature, intention and I have a fascination with India and the Gods and Goddesses of that realm.

            I've found the altar a great way to align with my intentions on a daily basis. It's a wonderful reminder of my intentions, my will and my birthrite!

            Thought I would share. :)
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              Mon, February 20, 2006 - 11:39 AM
              There are a few things i do when i need to reset my ability to attract abundance. I find that i'll be going along making money for a while and then something will happen like i'll make a really big purchase or pay a bunch of bills and then i'll get to worrying if the next week i'm not making as much money. When i panic and stress about that for a week or more and then realize that i'm actually keeping the money from coming by carrying that kind of energy, that is when i will do a ritual.

              I won't share the specifics of my ritual here, as it is a potent, very personal ceremony. But i will stress the importance of assigning objects for use in your ritual that are unquestionably representative of wealth/prosperity for YOU. Yes, green candles and Citrine and gold and tonka beans are all widely known to attract abundance--and i use them all. But we have to charge these things with our faith in the Universe and in by that token, a pine cone or a spoon or a plastic cup of water could work just as well if we believe that they are reflections of an abundant universe. I believe that a spell for wealth (or anything, for that matter) consists of one part magick, one part logick, and one part surrender. The surrender part can be the most difficult because it involves letting go of past attitudes we've held about our ability to have what we need in life. Some people might find that counseling helps here, or journaling, or meditation--whatever it takes to get to the bottom of why we sabotage ourselves.

              I may have posted this here before, but in case you missed it, try writing a check out to yourself in the amount of "Paid In Full". Sign it "The Law of Abundance" and put it away somewhere like in a box or under the cloth of your altar--just somewhere out of sight. Do this at the New Moon. By the Full Moon you will see results. Of course, this must be done with intention and full expectation that it works. It worked for me in just two days, with increasing amounts of money coming until the full moon. I need to write another check because i've been in one of those worry phases....time to practice what i preach, huh?

              All the best to you,
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                Re: Prosperity Questions

                Fri, February 24, 2006 - 9:47 AM
                I totally agree with using items that have meaning for YOU. I've used a cellphone to represent comunication, a belly dancing book to represent creativity and movement, a seashell for healing...keys for safe travels...

                Following recipes and symbols that are built into our consciousness is very powerful, but the most powerful way to create an altar is using things that have personal meaning to you. It is, afterall, ignited by your personal intention.

                Don't tell uncle sam, but I've even burned money to represent letting go of my money issues....IT SO WORKED. It was funny, three days after I burned a dollar, I got a letter from a company that had a crisp new $1 bill in it. I got my money back!

                and then some....

                It's all about your intentions.
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      Tue, March 28, 2006 - 9:51 PM
      To expand on what Shine said about changing your mindset, one of the best tools I've found is Robert Stuberg's series of tapes, _Creating Your Ultimate Destiny._ It's written from a strictly non-magical viewpoint and has much more information about "working the practical side" than I am used to seeing in "positive thinking" books. It was recommended to me by Christos Kioni, a prosperity magician and counselor ( - he also has a free archive of prosperity spells). You can get a set for cheap on eBay almost any time.

      He (Kioni, not Stuberg) also taught me to keep a lodestone altar - designed by the spirit of the lodestone itself. Mine likes plenty of cinnamon, pyrite, and earth from prosperous places (gold mine, successful businesses, etc).

      Since working with Dr. Kioni and my lodestone, I've been able to help a number of people with prosperity issues. It's been as astonishing to me as it was to my clients.

      Gently Feral
      dba "Mother Pyrite" at

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