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Catherine Ponder is not a Pagan, but I have had a lot of success adapting her ideas and methods to Prosperity Work and Prosperity Play.

Here's some info about her and her ideas:

Your mind is the greatest tool you have. Whatever you send out in the universe will be recognized and manifested. Catherine Ponder, who is considered one of America’s foremost inspirational authors, knew the secret when she wrote the book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, in 1962. The rules she sets forth for you to follow are basically the same as mentioned in The Secret. She says everything we think, do or say is recorded in the “ether” of the universe and this is how things are realized. What we think becomes a reality.

Ponder states, “There is gold dust in the air-for you-for me, for everyone. The scientists know that there’s gold dust in the air because they declare this universe to be composed of nothing but radiant substance or ether, to which man has unlimited access. Psychologists and metaphysicians know about the gold dust. They declare that man forms his world from the rich, unlimited substance within him and around him through his thoughts, emotions, words and actions.”

She explains further in her book, “And so let us proceed in confidence, knowing that there is gold dust in the air-and that there is gold dust everywhere. As you begin reading this book, no matter what the conditions of your life may now be, do so in this attitude of mind: “There is gold dust in the air-for me. Through definite, deliberate prosperous thinking, I now begin assimilating that gold dust. And even now I am beginning to experience gold dust results!”

Ponder says to develop you innate self-confidence in your ability to succeed, use affirmations. For increased success along all lines: “I give thanks that every day in every way I am growing richer and richer.” For harmony in homes and businesses: “Let there be peace within my walls and prosperity within my palaces.” (See Psalms 122:7)

“Use affirmations to release your self-confidence in three ways: speak forth affirmations-verbally-at least five minutes a day, somewhere in privacy. At other times during the day, look at affirmations that you may have written out on cards or in a book. Get them out and look at them when fear or uncertainty seem to grip you. You can do this in the midst of people, ringing telephones and bustling activity, and no one need ever know where your “booster shots” of confidence came from.”

Not everyone can visualize, but everyone can imagine. To visualize is to actually see an image in your mind that resembles a television screen which seems to happen automatically. Webster’s dictionary describes it as “to make visible,” or “to see or form a mental image.”

To imagine is to project thoughts into your mind to form images. Webster’s dictionary describes it as “to form a mental image.”

Whether you are able to visualize or whether you imagine, you can create the results you want. And you can achieve the most dramatic results by using either of them along with affirmations. To complement the results even more, any of the five senses can be added. You can add sound by saying affirmations out loud. The mind is able to absorb more by doing this. For this reason, memorizing out loud helps the mind to remember more easily.

Because the subconscious can’t distinguish reality from imagination and because experiences or incidents mold a person’s self-image, a person can successfully invoke a vast change in his own self-worth by imagery, which is a tool for imagining that something is actually being experienced. In sports, this is called sports psyching.

Reliving a past success in your mind will cause your mind to believe that the success has actually happened again causing further success and feelings of self-worth.

Reliving a past success in your mind will cause your mind to believe that the success has actually happened again causing further success and feelings of self-worth.

Creating a successful experience is a way of tricking the mind into believing that it has succeeded in something that really hasn’t happened. This is an extremely valuable discovery since some people have had fewer successes than other people.

When you use imagery, it is best to imagine every detail of the experience, such as where you are, exactly what is happening, what you can see, what you can hear, what you can feel, what you are wearing and particularly, the SUCCESS you achieve while doing it.

“The Mirror Technique” also complements behavioral changes. This is explained as the exercise of looking in the mirror and telling yourself what you want to hear. Phrases such as, “You are having a great day,” “You are feeling great,” “You are strong, powerful, loving, healthy and creative.” You can create the words you want about yourself to create them to become true because your subconscious will believe them even in a conscious state if you are consistent. Does the subconscious react as though another person is complimenting you? It would seem so.

Here's a page with Excerpts from Catherine Ponder's book: __The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity__:
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